Postbridge Village Hall

Past & Present
The village hall was conceived due to the need to consecrate the church (which up until then was also used as the ‘hall’) by the Bishop of Exeter. Therefore, on 5 April 1933 a bank account was opened with the principle of creating a fund for the hall. By the August a deed of conveyance was drawn up and executed between local people and HRH The Prince of Wales (Edward VII). The deed stated a Village hall with boundary fencing would be erected within six months and the first ‘charter’ of the hall was created on how the hall would be managed. Local builders ‘Stones of Chagford’ were appointed as principle builders with support coming from local people helping to build some of the walls and drains. The hall was opened on the 12 December 1933 by Major McCormick (Secretary to the Duchy). The fee for use of the hall at the time was between 1-3 shillings depending if lighting was used and the time of day.
There was a prominent whist drive contingent and amateur dramatics from the start. This continues today through fortnightly whist drives and each year during the month of January ‘Phil’s Follies’ run a pantomime with local people taking leading roles which brings the community together for an always funny affair.
Members of the village also run social gatherings helping remove some of the isolation people feel from living in such a remote area and raise money for the continuation of the hall.

The Village Hall Committee continue to work on plans to improve the Village Hall to ensure that it meets the current and future needs of the local community. A current chain of thought is to replace the old shed at the side of the hall to create additional storage and provide better protection the consumer unit. 

Permanent Stage

Large Kitchen with cooking facilities

Toliets (including disabled)  

26 Litre Urn

Bluetooth PA (on request)

Car park (20-25 car spaces
Community Events

Whist Drives

Cycle Race Stop offs

Wedding Receptions

Toilet Facilities for Church Services

Birthday Parties

Business Meetings

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